Palatka Shotgun Sports Big 50

The program is available on Wednesdays starting at 9am.

  • Shooters must declare their intent to register targets before shooting
  • We will throw 50 target events (singles, doubles or handicap)
  • No more than three fifty target events per day, no more than one of any one discipline.
  • Recognizing that many trap leagues include one 25 target round of singles and one 25 target round of handicap, it is allowable to include the singles round from two different dates as one Big 50 score.  Only one registration fee will be required and the registration date will be the earlier of the two dates.
  • ATA daily fees are reduced to $2.00 per registered shooter
  • State fees may be waived
  • Non-ATA members must first join ATA in order to get their targets registered for their lifetime target history
  • Similar to the registered league program, registered and non-registered shooters may shoot at the same time and on the same squad
  • Minimum of three registered shooters per discipline
  • All other rules apply to “Big 50” events
  • For purposes of applying the earned yardage table only registered shooters will be counted.  If yardage is earned under the table only the high score among 15 registered shooters will earn yardage, regardless of any non-registered score.  A score of 50×50 will earn at least 1/2 yard regardless of the number of shooters.